The Audi R8 has been captivating the hearts and minds of all car lovers since its debut in 2005 and its easy to see why. The Audi R8 was designed with one thing in mind, developing the best Super Car on the market and establishing Audi as one of the best premium car brands in the world. Audi has been a staple in the automotive industry for as long as its been around, developing some of the best luxury cars on the market. But Audi did a lot more than just develop luxury cars for casual cruising in your local city, they made and developed some of the best racing cars across multiple racing championships for decades. Audi has been called “Builder of The Greatest Race Cars in History” by multiple outlets and publications.

AGL47 R8

Audi’s racing resume is beyond impressive, some might even say it has the best racing resume when being compared to any other car manufacturer. Audi has dominated almost every racing championships its entered due to ground breaking research and engineering, and a lot of that technology made its way into the consumer market, embedding racing DNA into almost all of its cars. But even with this incredible resume, Audi was missing something, a groundbreaking super car. Audi took its first step in developing its now famous R8 when they purchased Lamborghini back in 1998, now they had a proven and tested base to build their own super car from. Audi began to produce a lot of super car concepts from 1998-2003, in 2003 Audi released a concept that had roughly the silhouette of the now world famous R8. Finally in 2005, the Audi R8 was unveiled amd full production started the following year in 2006.

It didn’t take long for people to immediately start modifying and customizing R8s to truly make them one of a kind and that’s exactly what Skip Reagan had in mind for his R8. Skip went through Tuner Goods in Texas to source most of the parts for his 1 of 1 build he would name “Valkyire.” Skip decided to go with some AG Luxury Wheels, AGL47, with some insane concave, so large they wouldn’t fit under the fender leading to a widebody kit going on the car. Once the large wide stance was achieved Skip wanted to go even further by adding a large wing, canards and accents to match the wheels. Which leads us to this, the current form of Skip’s R8, a truly head turning, fire breathing V10 that is truly one of a kind.

Wheels: AG Luxury AGL47 21×12 -23, 20×9 +16

Shop: Tunergoods