The Range Rover Sport has been around since 2005 and its made quite a statement since then. You would be hard pressed to go into any suburban or developed area and not run into at least 10 Range Rover Sports. Yes the Range Rover Sport is a trendy vehicle and that’s a big reason why its so successful. But the Range Rover Sport is so much more than just a good looking Instagram post, this is a proper SUV with the numbers and performance to back it up. So before you categorize the Range Rover Sport as a glorified “Soccer Mom Van” check out what this SUV is hiding under those sharp body lines.

All of the Second Generation Range Rover Sports, from 2013 on, utilize an all aluminium monocoque body unlike the previous generation that relied on an integrated body frame chassis. The Range Rover Sport also received a face lift in 2018 making it arguably one of the best looking SUVs on the road. Land Rover offers a wide selection of engine types to suit all types of customers. From something as small as a 2.0 Liter plug in Hybrid all the way to a fire breathing Supercharged V8 straight out of a Jaguar F-type so you can run all your errands in record time. With the break neck power of a supercharged V8 you think you’d be locked into some sort of bucket seat comprising comfort for performance. But you’d be wrong, the Range Rover Sport actually has an extremely nice cabin filled with premium materials such as wood trim and leather. The cabin of the Range Rover Sport is somewhere you want to be and delivers a comfortable quiet ride.

The Range Rover Sport is truly in a league of its own, even though competitors have tried, nothing quite feels like a Range Rover Sport. Its sleek, comfortable, powerful and has the capability to perform off road like every other Land Rover that came before it. The Range Rover Sport is truly an exceptional SUV that does it all, leading to its worldwide popularity. Some people love having the hot, new trendy car but for others they can’t stand seeing a bunch of other cars on the road that look just like theirs. The first and easiest thing to do to correct that problem is a change of wheels. The team at MC Customs in Miami, Florida paired this Range Rover Sport with a set of AG Luxury Wheels Vanguards finished in Gloss Black to set it apart from all of the other Range Rover Sports in the area.

Shop: MC Customs Miami, Florida

Wheels: AG Luxury Wheels Vanguard