Rolls-Royce, a name synonymous with luxury and comfort in the automotive industry for years. It has got to the point that now we describe things as “The Rolls-Royce of shoes” or “The Rolls-Royce of Hotels.” The name alone carries weight, you know when you hear Rolls-Royce you’re getting the best of the best. For years Rolls-Royce has been consistently producing the most luxurious Sedans and Coupes on the market. Their line of cars seemingly had a car for everyone, Sedans, Coupes and Convertibles. But Rolls-Royce was missing a very large market, a market that has plenty of other options at every price point, the SUV market.

It has been long rumored that Rolls-Royce was going to venture into the SUV market, and everyone was holding their breathe in anticipation. Rolls-Royce really took the SUV idea seriously once they had found out that other high end brands like Lamborghini and Bentley were making SUVs of their own. In 2018 Rolls-Royce finally revealed their flag ship SUV, The Cullinan, named after the Cullinan Diamond the largest diamond ever found. The Cullinan sits in the middle of the Rolls-Royce lineup in between the Ghost and Phantom. The Cullinan is also the first four wheel drive Rolls-Royce has ever made and boasts a Twin-Turbo V12 engine.

While the Rolls-Royce is near the top of automotive engineering and styling people still feel the need to customize and personalize their cars to make them their own. The team down at MC Customs in Miami are no strangers to Rolls-Royce’s and taking them to the next level. They decided to equip this Cullinan with 24″ AG Luxury Wheels AGL45’s to bring the stance and presence to the next level. With the addition of these wheels this Cullinan truly stands out like a diamond in the rough.

Wheels: AG Luxury AGL45 24×10 Square

Shop: MC Customs in Miami, Fl