The BMW i8 is a car unlike any other. From its sleek body lines, outrageous butterfly doors and futuristic interior, the i8 truly stands out. The i8 began its life as a concept back in 2009 when it was unveiled at the International Motor Show Germany. It wasn’t until 2013 when we got our first look at the actual final production model, which was strongly influenced by the legendary BMW M1. The i8 is actually the only Mid-Engine car BMW has built since the original M1, so its no surprise that these two cars share more than just engine placement. Since the car released to the general public in August of 2014 it quickly became the highest selling plug-in electrified sports car by November of 2016.

The BMW i8 is part of BMW’s new brand they are calling “Project i” and is considered an entirely new brand by BMW. This brand is known as “BMW i” and is totally separate from the other BMW brands such as BMW, BMW M and Mini. So far the only two cars part of the”BMW i” brand are the i3 and i8. The BMW i8 uses a clever combination of a regular gasoline powered engine paired with an electric motor. This gives the i8 the ability to go from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds and gives the i8 an incredible 76 mpg when using the gasoline and electric engine. With fuel rates skyrocketing, the large V12 screamers of yesteryear are fading and becoming harder and harder to own and maintain. So the solution was to simply get a hybrid, but before the i8 most hybrid vehicles weren’t exactly sporty or good looking. So if you wanted a fast, exotic looking sports car but wanted to reduce how much gas you were burning everyday, your options were pretty limited.

Most would think that once someone obtains this hyper futuristic sports car, that would be the end of it. That they would simply drive off into the sunset. But that’s not the case, at least not in this instance. The i8 needed some help adjusting its stance, and the guys over at MC Customs knew exactly what to do. They set the car up with some AG Luxury wheels, AGL31 SPEC-3, to add more of an aggressive look and lowered the suspension. When owning a unique, expensive car the last thing you’d want is to pull up to a stop light and see someone else in the exact same car. And thanks to the team at MC Customs, they ensured that would never happen.

Wheels: AG Luxury AGL31

Wheel Finish: Brushed Grigio Centers Polished Lips

Fronts: 22×8.5

Rears: 22×10

Shop: MC Customs Miami, FL.