Lamborghini is in the business of building legends and icons. Steeped in history and tradition, Lamborghini started building tractors, and now they have established themselves as masters in creating some of the most iconic supercars in history. Time and time again Lamborghini have shown their ability to do so with the production of cars such as the Miura, Countach, Diablo, Murcielago, and Gallardo. In 2011, Lamborghini introduced the world to a supercar they knew would reach iconic status, the Aventador LP700-4.

In true supercar fashion, the Aventador carries a naturally aspirated 6.5L V12 engine, able to produce 700 exhilarating horsepower. With an all-wheel drive system that allows the Aventador to reach 0-60mph in under three seconds it makes for an unforgettable driving experience. But a Lamborghini cannot simply have impressive power figures, it must also incorporate an impeccable and instantly recognizable styling. Lamborghini knew that the Aventador would be a legend from the beginning, and by looking at its commanding exterior paired with the raw strength of its powertrain, its hard to argue with them.

From the factory, the Aventador’s wheels don’t seem to have the type of unique styling that Lamborghini is known for. To remedy this, Butler Tires in Atlanta has modified this Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 with a bespoke set of AGLuxury AGL46 forged 3-piece wheels. The circular design of the spokes on the AGL46 offers a tasteful contrast to the sharp lines and hard edges found throughout the Aventador’s exterior. Because a Lamborghini signifies style, uniqueness, and innovation, it only seems appropriate to equip a set of AGLuxury wheels to this Aventador.

With a 20×9.5” front and 21×13” rear, these AGLuxury wheels are larger than the factory wheels, creating a more aggressive stance, and adding to the car’s overall presence. To complement the rest of the car’s striking exterior, this set of AGL46 wheels are finished with a gloss black face, while the lips and hardware are paint matched to the factory “Giallo Evros” body color. Now, with its own set of custom-built AGL46 wheels, this Lamborghini Aventador is ready to be instantly recognized.

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F: 20×9.5″ 255/30/20

R: 21×13″ 355/25/21

Shop: @butlertire

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