The Legend Continues.

Acura NSX – (New Sportscar eXperimental) on AGLuxury AGL42 Super deep Concave Forged Monoblock.

This modern hybrid sports car, continues to evolve.

Engineering is an art.  Equal parts rational and emotional, sports car engineering is at its best when the tension between these sides results in full harmony. – Acura / Honda.

Precision crafted performance, the Acura mantra, served as both philosophical approach and physical benchmark for NSX. Thus a wholly new supercar was brought to life: and exotic sports car born of racing DNA, equal parts adrenaline and composure.  

Super Skeletron – from its ultra – rigid space frame to dynamically agile sport hybrid super handling all-wheel drive, the chassis is the super skeleton that supports all NSX systems.

NSX sports hybrid power unit: Precisely engineered to produce 573-hp, 476 lb-ft of torque and a top speed of 191 MPH. 3.5 L Twin – Turbo V-6, 9 – Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

Building a vision and taking that vision to a extreme level.

AG Luxury, Butler Tire, Liberty Walk, Pruvit, SuperStar Customs, Fi Exhaust, Air Lift Performance.

Our Standard Individualized Concavity – Each wheel engineered, manufactured individually with the deepest concavity profile possible, per application. Next Level, we developed two New Super Extreme Monoblock forgings 20×9.5 and 21×12 with the deepest profiles possible. Liberty Walk Widebody Kits in mind.

Until this moment, every body kit has been developed around 3 piece forged wheels. However, the performance of a light-weight monoblock wheel vs a three piece wheel is night and day.

LB PERFORMANCE brand name, a company engineered to design function and appearance upgrades. Performance first styling as it has become known. – Liberty Walk

The widebody, super concave light-weight wheels make this the ultimate street worthy combination. Featuring a Liberty Walk Acura NSX on our 20” / 21” AGLuxury Wheels AGL42 in matte brushed gold anodized powder finish.

Special thanks to our good friends at Butler Tire and the following partners who made this project possible:
Pruvit | Fi Exhaust | Superstar Customs | Air Lift Performance | Cinemotive Media.



F: 20×9.5″

R: 21×12″

Shop: @Butler Tire

For more on the AG Luxury AGL42 wheels, visit HERE.

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