The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen continues to be the most versatile SUV in the world. It can be equipped for all-out off-road capability, styled for everyday driving for the street, or setup to have the best of both worlds. Regardless the style, you cannot do the G-Wagen wrong.

This G63 AMG is paired with our 24″ AGLuxury AGL-Vanquish wheels in the standard Machined Silver finish. The 24×10 squared fitment fills up the wheel well flush with the fender flares where the stock wheels have left much to be desired. Ultimately, the new setup provides an aggressive stance ready to draw the attention of onlookers.

Featuring a seven-spoke split mesh design, the AGL-Vanquish offers a classy, utilitarian look for a SUV that will see most of its life on the roads of Los Angeles.  Utilizing our advanced rim technology flow forming process, the wheel exhibits strength and lightweight characteristics similar to a fully forged wheel while maintaining affordability.

For more information on this vehicle and wheel setup, please check below:


F: 24×10″ 295/35/24

R: 24×10″ 295/35/24

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For more on the AG Luxury AGL-Vanquish wheels, visit HERE.

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