For decades Ferrari has created the best automobiles that money can buy, and amongst these automobiles is the 488 GTB. Based off of the 458 Italia, the 488 features an updated, more aerodynamic exterior and a twin-turbocharged version of the Italia’s V8 engine. Opting for twin-turbos allowed Ferrari to reduce the engine’s size from 4.5L to 3.9L while increasing its output from 570 hp to 661 hp. Managing all of this horsepower is a 7-speed dual clutch transmission giving the driver crisp and powerful gear shifts. Drivers who are able to tame this prancing horse will be propelled from 0-60mph in 3 electrifying seconds. The design and performance of the 488 GTB are so impressive that it earned various awards in 2016 including, Top Gear Magazine’s “Supercar of the Year” and Red Dot’s “Best of the Best.”

Forty years prior to the debut of the 488 GTB, Ferrari created their first ever “Gran Turismo Berlinetta.” The creation of the 308 GTB laid the groundwork for a mid-engine grand touring sports coupe that could travel long distances at a high rate of speed. Today the 488 still pays homage to the 308 with styling cues such as the signature side air intakes. Although the overall shape has remained relatively similar, the 488 features a more sleek and aerodynamic design for increased performance. In a Ferrari, styling is just as important as performance, and the 488 GTB is no exception. As with others, this Ferrari features a handcrafted interior using sporty materials and a cockpit that is shaped to meet the driver’s every need. The key has even been styled to emulate the shape of the intake manifold on the potent V8 that rests inches behind those inside.

To add an extra dose of style to this Ferrari, the team at TAG Motorsports in Southern California chose a set of AGLuxury AGL42 wheels. TAG also added a premium lowering spring kit to this 488 to benefit the vehicle’s handling and aesthetics. The set up on this prancing horse has been enlarged to a 21×9.5” front and a 22×12.5” rear for a wider, more aggressive stance. The matte black finish paired with hidden hardware and OEM center cap make for a smooth blend of track-readiness and sophistication. Whether its driving on the autobahn, carving through the canyons, or cruising through the city, this supercar is guaranteed to make any tour grand.

For more information on this vehicle and wheel setup, please check below:

F: 21×9.5″

R: 22×12.5″

Shop: @tagmotorsports

For more on the AGLuxury AGL42 wheels, visit HERE.


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