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It started 40 years ago, when Germany and Austria combined their efforts to make a four-wheel drive vehicle that would outperform others of the era. Enter the G-Wagen. The G-Class Mercedes has come a long way from its beginnings as an all-terrain vehicle designed for military persons and individuals alike. For the newest edition of the G-Class, Mercedes have completely remodeled the SUV inside and out. The exterior features softer body lines for a sleeker, more elegant look. The interior of the G-Wagen has also been renovated with a completely redesigned cabin including, a performance multifunction steering wheel, 12.3” touch screen display, LED ambient lighting, and many other amenities you never knew you needed. Today the G-Class SUV has become more of a status symbol for the rich and famous, but underneath that elegant exterior is an off-road beast.

The redesigned exterior and interior are not the only changes Mercedes has made to the new G-Wagen. Both the G550 and the AMG G63 now come with the 4.0L biturbo V8, but the engine in the G63 has a special AMG touch in the form of an extra 160 horsepower and 177 pound feet of torque. On asphalt, the G63 is one serious grocery getter, pumping out 577 horsepower to creating glorious V8 biturbo symphony when it exists the polished chrome sidepipes. Unlike its predecessors, the new G63 is fitted with an independent front suspension to improve handling on any surface. This new suspension is just one of the many features that can be finely tuned through the AMG Dynamic Select driving mode presets. Sophisticated looks, intelligent suspension, and raw power make the G63 ready for any occasion.

To complete the powerful and stylish looks of this Polar White G63, MC Customs Miami have added a set of AGLuxury AGL57 forged monoblock wheels. The 24×10” squared setup provides a tasteful fitment without hindering the all-terrain capabilities. The brushed face and polished window finish of the wheel affords visual balance throughout the car. The monoblock design provides personalization while keeping simplicity and cleanliness in the aesthetics of this G63. Visible through the race-inspired spokes of the AGL57 is the subtle red of the AMG high-performance brakes which stop all that is started. The Mercedes AMG G63 SUV paired with AGLuxury AGL57 forged monoblock wheels is a harmonious combination representing status, strength, and elegance.

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F: 24×10″

R: 24×10″

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